About us

BioScience Project is a nonprofit biomedical research and teaching laboratory that aims to provide quality training and support for students interested in participating in neuorscience research. A large part of our work involves database mining and using online resources for research and analysis. Our team is comprised of an international and interdisciplinary group of professional researchers and educators with highly diverse backgrounds in areas related to the Biological Sciences, Communications, and Information Technology. We are united in a shared commitment to the continuation of research and science education by providing the opportunity for everyone to learn about and take part in authentic research projects.

Founder and Director, Anna Delprato, PhD

Dr Delprato recieved her doctorate in Biology from Clark University in 2001. Since that time she has worked as a scientist and teacher in the US and abroad. For her research, Dr Delprato uses a multidisciplinary approach to study cell signaling processes, gene interactions, and biological systems.



Dr Delprato has teamed up with neurobehavioral geneticist, Dr Wim Crusio to study the genetic and molecular basis of behavior and neuroanatomy. Their current research projects are concerned with spatial learning, exploratory behavior, aggression and development.